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Movies: Renouncing Angelica


Drew is a match to donate bone marrow to his ex-fiance. However, he is having difficulty committing to it because he is still upset at her infidelity. Watch the full movie below...






"Writer/Director Temi Ojo's Renouncing Angelica is a heart-rending short work." - Neil Kendricks, San Diego Union Tribune

"A brilliantly crafted story, with great directing and editing; a very encouraging film, the director has huge potential." - Jury ION International Film Festival

"Temi Ojo seeks to delve beneath the surface emotions of his subject for deeper psychological meaning - an auspicious start for an independent filmmaker. Keep an eye on this developing director." - James Hall, Festival Director, Gold Lion Film Festival

"There are many moments of great cinematic power and truthful and profound human behavior. It shows a true directorial sensibility.The music and sound work really brings forth Temi Ojo's sensitive feeling for his characters." - Andrew Wagner, Award-winning Director (Starting Out in the Evening)

"A powerful film. Very moving. I love it." - Diane Baker, Actress (The Silence of the Lambs)




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